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Our Services

Here is a list of some of the services we provide. Foundation Publisher would prefer to keep the lines of communication open and as transparent as possible in order to build and maintain a trusted, long-lasting relationship with our clients, visitors and friends.  For this reason, we have listed here many of our publishing services along with how they are defined.

Book Setup

This is our administrative set up of your book with our printers. This will eliminate the hassle of searching for a competent local print shop and proper formatting.

Library of Congress Number

This is the number that the United States Library of Congress uses to catalog your title.  If you want your book to have a chance to get picked up by local libraries, you need to have this number assigned to your book and filed with the Library of Congress.


Any book published needs to have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number).  It comes with a bar code with its own unique number signifying your literary work and you as the author.

Proof Hardcopy

You may order a proof copy of your book prior to the initial print run.

Book Formatting

Your book will need to be formatted so that it is able to be printed with our printers.  Print houses do not print word documents, and therefore must be set up so that your book is set up according to the size of standards so that it meets the printers criteria for printing.  Also, your book may be formatted, not only in a paper (hardcopy) format, but in an audio book and ebook which can be ready made for Nook, Kindle, and local, national and worldwide establishments such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Digital Storage

The digital storage of your book is important.  Once your book is published, the printers keep your book format on file so that you are able to order copies of your books anytime.

Site Maintenance

Once your book has been printed, your fans can access your book in our online store.  Your book will be displayed amongst other literary works for fans and other publishers to see.  Along with this publicity, you can be listed to PRLog.org, which is an online press release distribution service, to further expand your fan base.

Submitting a Manuscript?